Our aim is to help anyone growing – or wanting to grow - their own fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers using natural and sustainable methods. Our goal is for more and more people to become confident and capable producers of nourishing and healthy food for their kitchen tables. Wherever possible, methods recommended are those of organic growing without the use of chemicals and with the assistance of the environment that surrounds our gardens and growing spaces. We recommend sustainable practises so that our gardens can remain vital and productive year after year. Through the various sections of our site we go into detail on a range of essential tasks, practises and activities that are key to easy, edible gardening. Composting, recycling, nourishing soil, fostering a healthy diversity, saving seed, using natural feeds and chemical-free pest control underpin our gardening practises. Keeping chickens and bees, knowing how to store produce and how to cook what we grow so that it tastes delicious as well as exploring some great books and some truly cool tools are a few of the rewards open to all edible gardeners who spend some time with Pod.

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Our contributors grow fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers in gardens of all shapes and sizes throughout New Zealand, the UK and elsewhere. Their gardens reflect a varied love of gardening itself - as well as one of growing and harvesting food. Different growing conditions and climates bring their own particular challenges and benefits and along with the style, character and personal flair of these individual gardeners, they help to make each of the gardens that we feature unique. All are worth a quick visit on the Pod Gardens section of our site. In the photographs of the gardens and in the words of the gardeners that tend them there are tips, design ideas, edible accomplishments to enjoy and plenty of evidence to show that everything need not be perfect to be worthwhile!
Our Partners: Pod would not look as good as it does nor would it work as well as it does without the extraordinary creative talents and attention to detail of our designer Richard Shaw and web developer Rachel Lilburn - thank you thank you Richard and Rachel.
We also acknowledge the generosity of fellow gardeners here there and everywhere who have opened their doors and unlatched their garden gates to let us in to take photographs for Pod.

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Your tips and comments The success of any garden comes down to its location, the climate and growing conditions and the gardener/s that tend to it. Some of us are from families that have gardened in the same place for generations whilst others have just arrived at where they are now. Some of us were brought up around productive food gardens and have this in their blood – along with tips and tales that have been accumulated from an early age. Many are part of a new generation of home growers full of fresh ideas and innovations. Whilst we offer as much useful information as we can here at Pod – and this is constantly updated – we are generalised in our approach. It is in the comment pages that regional and local tips can be found to help us all in our local areas. Please be encouraged to tell us your tips, ideas, innovations and tales where invited to at the bottom of our pages. Some of the tips and ideas that we come across will become absorbed into our own Pod library of information and advice. All are likely to start up useful and informative conversations with local or like-minded people.

As well as being a resource of edible gardening information for anyone to use at will, Pod also offers regular and seasonal advice to those who want to be given practical and timely information about what to grow, when to sow and what needs to be done in the garden. In addition we have a regularly updated collection of photo essays featuring exclusive visits to inspiring and productive edible gardens in our Pod Gardens section. Subscribing is free and it gives you access to our monthly guides, all Pod Gardens and updates on what is new on the site. We hope you enjoy our site, join up in the box just below. To contact us: info@podgardening.co.nz