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Borago officinalis


Borage is an annual herb with beautiful star shaped blue or white edible flowers. Bees are fans of borage flowers – relishing in their nectar. For this reason alone we should all plant borage, anything that encourages and nourishes bees in our gardens is a ‘must’ as we need bees to pollinate our fruit and vegetables. Borage grows to around knee height. and is a very successful self-seeding plant. It will undoubtedly make itself at home in your garden once you have planted it! The good news for those wanting to keep it under control is that the young seedlings are easy to pull up wherever they are not wanted. Heirloom. Germination guaranteed.

Annual or Perennial Annual
Approx days to flower/harvest
Space Between Plants 30cm
When to Sow Spring, Summer
Seeds per Packet approx 100 seeds