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Cape Gooseberry


Physalis peruviana


Cape gooseberries produce small, lantern-like papery casings that hide grape-sized orange fruits. These summer fruits look a bit like a mini cherry tomato and have a tangy, tomato sweetness. Plants are easy to grow from seed and will thrive on poor soils as long as drainage is good. Given the right conditions they tend to pop randomly once they have been introduced – usually spread by hungry birds. The fruits are delicious raw or made into jams, preserves and puddings. Plants often stay small and die back in winter, in the right spot though they can get up to head height. Germination guaranteed.

Annual or Perennial Annual, Perennial ( Warm areas )
Approx days to flower/harvest
Space Between Plants 20cm
When to Sow Spring, Summer
Seeds per Packet approx 200 seeds