Chris Morrison & James Boshier | Brothers and fair trade entreprenuers

Piha| West Auckland | New Zealand | February 2012

‘Our best time to be out in the garden? – Any time after a surf.’... more words below images

Chris Morrison & James Boshier Brothers and fair trade entreprenuers | Piha| West Auckland | New Zealand | February 2012

Our garden is north facing and very sunny, it is on an elevated ridge and exposed to NE winds. Originally just a couple of beds the new, de luxe primo version comprises 5 raised beds. It is about 6 months old and has a total coverage of 24 square metres.
We don’t garden on any original soil as we have a heavy clay base. Our raised beds are filled with old compost, mushroom compost, garden mix, horse shit, chicken poo and seaweed.

James spends about an hour per week in the garden and Chris reckons he spends about 15 minutes per week, ‘I do a concentrated burst and then I don’t do anything.’

James is inspired as a gardener by Fat Freddy of The Freak Brothers. Chris is inspired by Prince Charles, eco-warrior Brendan Hoare and Oratia local Gillian Painter.

‘We built our garden together along with help from PT Inc.’

‘We garden with mother nature, Monarch butterflies, shield bugs and the freakin’ wasps. Our most successful crops are celery, lettuce, kale, broad beans, capsicum, chilli, tomatillo, squash and pumpkin, onion, cucumber and leeks. Our least successful crops are Brussels sprout, melon and tomatoes.

‘We have 43,892 bees in a single hive just above our vegetable beds. This summer the bees pumped out about 55 jars of honey.’

‘Our number one pest is the green shield bug – they love to hid on the back of sunflowers by the way. We tried garlic and chilli sprays with limited success but mostly we do digital control – picking them off by hand and then squashing them.’

James ‘My biggest chore in the garden is general plant husbandry – tieing in, pinching out etc.’

Chris ‘ My biggest chore is watering.’

James ‘I love early summer best because everything starts pumping and you get to start harvesting.’

James’s favourite tool is an old hoe that he found beside the road and Chris never gardens without his secateurs close to hand.

What does your garden give to you that you couldn’t do without? Chris  -‘Tranquility and fresh veggies’ James – ‘Endless salsa’.

Our gardening philosophies are:

Chris ‘Work with nature, don’t panic – go organic!’

James ‘Grow it – don’t blow it!’

How do you socialize in your garden?
Chris ‘Turning the compost with my friend Paul’
James ‘I don’t socialize, I do it on my own.’

If pests eat and nibble on plants Chris gets ‘Slightly annoyed’ whilst James becomes ‘Infuriated and enraged from the depths of hell,’.

James ‘My highest gardening moment so far has to be eating my first home-grown corn cob.’

Chris ‘Mine was eating a Canteloupe melon we’d grown – It was bloody delicious!’

What are your tips?

James ‘Remember to keep planting as you harvest.’

Chris ‘Don’t garden when the sun goes down – its mozzie time. And don’t plant everything at once.’