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Cleome spinosa


Cleome is a large, fast-growing annual herb that draws heaps of beneficial insects and butterflies into the garden. Its flowering stalks are crowded with petals of pink, white and lavender and in summer you’ll find them a-buzz with bees. They will flower for months on end and so bring benefits to the garden for a sustained and very useful length of time. In late summer and autumn the flowering stalks become crowded with hundreds of elongated seed pods. You can harvest these before the plants naturally set seed and sow in the following spring or allow them to self seed and see where your new plants pop up. Cleome generally grows to between knee and shoulder height on the average adult and between one and two arms’ lengths wide. Germination guaranteed.

Annual or Perennial Annual
Approx days to flower/harvest
Space Between Plants 70cm
When to Sow Spring, Summer
Seeds per Packet approx 200 seeds