It's time to sow and plant summer crops many seeds can go straight into the ground over the coming weeks. Some that like real summer temperatures are better sown first into pots and given a warm place so they can develop into garden ready seedlings. You don't necessarily want to sow all your seeds at once, many of the plants below will give you a longer harvest if you sow and plant them little and often. Don't forget companion flowers to bring in all those useful predators that will help to sustainably balance numbers of common garden pests.


Great for growing in groups, in containers or as random plantings in spaces around your garden. It pays to keep them close to hand so they're easy to grab when you're cooking


From seeds to trees, there are a whole bunch of delcious fruits that can be grown in our gardens. Check your climate and local conditions when choosing what you will grow.


Sow or plant straight into beds and containers - or into punnets for planting out when seedlings have developed several pairs of leaves.