Fleur Sullivan's Fish Pie

Be adventurous & confident & add more or less greens from the garden, experiment with baby nettle, cabbage, & really use whatever you're got!!  Have fun & make your fish pie the best in the world.   You can serve in individual bowls with a side salad or selection of roast root veg.  Or present to the table in a large dish and guest or family serve themselves.   It is good to smoke your own fish and mussels either in the oven - in a roasting dish (roasting dish put in sawdust at the bottom, cake rack with fish and mussels then tin foil on top) - or purchase a small smoker from a sports store (the sort that sells fishing rods etc) or check out the Warehouse. Both places will have small quantities of manuka wood chips.  Maybe a whole new world of interest opens up to you, next thing you’ll be building a smoker in the garden!  There are some great books on the building of smokers the use of smokers & the traditions of smoking & curing ....


Standard Fish Pie we use @ Fleurs Place.  This recipe will serve 4.

1kg smoked fish fillets roughly broken up.
12 smoked mussels, roughly chopped.
400mls fish stock
500mls  lemon juice.
50mls white wine
1 tablespoon seeded mustard.
chopped parsley and other fresh herbs to your own taste.
Spinach, silverbeet or beetroot leaves.
4 large potatoes
50grams butter
50 grams flour
splash of cream  & salt & pepper


1/.  Preheat oven to 180 degrees centigrade. For your topping you can choose if you want to peel your potatoes or not,  boil & mash them with butter, salt,  pepper and a splash of cream.
2/. Bring fish stock to the boil with lemon juice & white wine added.
3/. Melt 50 grams of butter, slowly add 50 grams of flour, stirring well & be careful not to burn it.(must be discarded if you do and start again!).  Then add your hot stock gradually a ladle at a time, mixing well each time until you have a smooth glossy veloute* sauce, finish with the mustard & the chopped herbs.
4/. Mix this sauce with the broken up fish & mussels.
5/. At this stage you can mix through your greens from the garden or place them under your potato topping.
6/. Place your pie mix in dish/dishes leaving enough room for your potato topping.
7/.Bake in the oven till hot  Or cover with glad wrap & keep in the fridge till you want to use them. Or freeze any extra in your wrapped serving dish for another time.
•    Roux is the name for the melted butter combined with flour.  If you add milk it is bechamel sauce, using the fish stock makes a Veloute.