Fleur Sullivan's Fish Stock

We make between 80 to 120 liters of fish stock a week at Fleur’s, it is the base for many of our dishes including our seafood chowder, hot pots and fish pies. Our actual fish chowder has a fresh Bouquet Garni added to the stock.


We save all our carrots peelings, celery & onion ends, herbs, lemons, loads of parsley in the stock pots in the chiller & when needed add all our gilled & gutted fish bodies, left from the daily filleting of the fish (make sure you have removed the gills from fish heads or stock will be bitter).
You’ll also need water & wine (white) to cover


Add fish heads and frames, herbs, vegetables, lemon wind and water (to cover).
Place on medium heat
Once it comes to the boil , simmer for about 30 minutes & remove from the heat
At this stage peppercorns are added
Allow stock to cool then strain.
You can freeze any excess stock.
If you have to buy your fish bones make sure you get the heads with the fish.