Garden Sheds

Garden Sheds

  • Provide storage and security for garden equipment
  • Place close to vegetable garden
  • Can be camouflaged with paint and plants
  • Should be lockable
  • Need a firm level surface to stand on

A garden shed provides a useful place in which to store general gardening paraphernalia such as hand tools, feeds, wheelbarrows and expensive items such as lawnmowers and weed-eaters. Often sheds are lockable and so they offer a degree of security for all these items - that can be worth a fair amount. As well as protecting them from theft, a shed protects equipment, bags of lime and bonemeal and packets of seed from wet weather. A small shed of no more than a couple of square metres can be used to house a lot of stuff fairly efficiently – if you are good at keeping things orderly and tidy. On the other hand, some sheds are almost like small houses and come with furniture, carpets, heating and a whole lot more. Sheds are quite often a considerable investment - unless made from recycled timber by someone with the DIY skills - and there is an initial investment but they are very handy.

Sheds come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and some are more permanent than others. You may want to run power to your shed for lighting and water for filling watering cans and diluting liquid feeds. A good padlock on the door is recommended – especially whenever no one is home.

A shed needs a flat, firm surface to stand on. Ideally, it should be located close to or within a vegetable garden so that it can be easily accessed. If a shed strikes you as a necessity but a bit of an eyesore then place yours amongst your plants grow plant beans, sunflowers, globe artichokes and Jerusalem artichokes alongside it to help it merge with your garden. You could plant a passion fruit or grape vine over it and use it as a plant support. Sheds can be attractive and elaborately designed, painted and homely, pre-loved or recycled. Whatever the style, they can look great and compliment the garden around them if thought is taken to what might look best – and still do the job. They can be part storage facility and – with a little time spent on making them comfortable - somewhere to escape to with the radio or a seed catalogue on rainy winter days.