Kirsten Thompson's Tattie, Bacon and Onions

We all ate this when we were students in Scotland and its now a family favourite – tattie bacon and onions is fast tasty comfort food on a budget.


1 medium onion
6 to 8 rashers of free range/organic bacon
8 to 10 medium sized potatoes – can be new potatoes but use 12-15
olive oil
handful of parsley

Serves four


Wash potatoes and chop into 2cm cubes (more or less)

Chop bacon into finger wide strips

Finely chop onion

Put potatoes and a bay leaf into pan add water to cover and bring to boil. Simmer till a knife easily goes into a piece. Drain and leave in pan with lid off so steam can escape and potatoes dry a little

Add a glug of olive oil to heavy-bottomed frying pan on medium heat

Fry bacon for a couple of minutes to release the fat

Add onion and fry till translucent

Add cooked potatoes to onion and bacon with another couple of glugs of olive oil if needed. Fry potatoes and keep turning until they start to crisp and turn golden

Serve and sprinkle with chopped parsley – season as necessary. Good with hot chilli sauce and a crisp salad.