Jono Clarke's Macerated vanilla strawberries and sweet mascarpone

I love strawberries like this, you still have that fresh texture and the exaggerated strawberry flavour with the sugar and vanilla and the rich mascapone makes it simple and indulgent.


1 punnet fresh strawberries
2 tbspn caster sugar
1 vanilla pod split and scraped into the sugar.
1 cup mascapone cheese
2 tbspn icing sugar



Take the top off the strawberries and then cut into 1/4's, toss the strawberries and sugar and vanilla together and leave to marinate for 2 hours .

In another bowl mix the icing sugar and the mascapone.

The strawberries will produce a sauce , serve the strawberries in a bowl with a dollop of the cheese on top and some of the sauce drizzled over them.