Jean-Paul Knight's Mussels with coriander, chilli and lime

Here in NZ we’re really lucky to have the best mussels in the world. This easy recipe has great flavours with plenty of spice and a bit of a kick.


24 Green lip mussels cleaned and de-bearded
1 to 2 fresh limes sliced into thin rounds
1 red onion finely chopped
2 finger length fresh red chillies de-seeded and thinly sliced on an angle
1 generous tablespoon of fish sauce
½ glass of white wine
A handful of fresh coriander roughly chopped
Canola or rice bran oil – something that’s less rich than olive oil



Place a large heavy bottomed saucepan on a very high heat
Add 2 glugs of oil
Throw in sliced chillies and kick around in hot oil for a few seconds
Add finely chopped onion and kick them around too
Quickly drop mussels into pan and tumble them in the hot oil. Shake pan so that mussels are all exposed to the heat.
Add wine and sliced lime
Cover with a tight fitting lid to seal in steam
Holding lid and pan handle firmly (maybe with a tea towel or oven glove) shake from side to side for about 30 seconds over the heat
Remove lid and throw in chopped coriander and fish sauce
Cover again and leave for about a minute until mussels have opened
Remove from heat and discard any un-opened mussels

Share mussels between four bowls and pour over juice

Serve with bread to soak up juices and a crisp, dry white wine.