Beki Lamb's Nasturtium Capers

These 'poor mans' capers are regular features in old cookery books where a waste not want not ethos prevailed. They're delicious and last 4-5 years. Use them anywhere you would capers, great in salads. Best used fresh, don't cook with them.


6 cups water
1 ¾ cups salt
1 cup young nasturtium seedpods
2 cups red wine vinegar


Heat water - 1 1/2 cups salt to make a brine, dissolve the salt. Let cool to room temperature.

Wash and drain seedpods. Put 1/3 of the brine in a glass bowl and add seedpods and let stand overnight.

The next day drain the nasturtium seedpods.

Using the reserved brine, repeat the soaking of the nastutim pods twice.On the third day, drain.

Heat the vinegar and remaining ¼ cup of salt until salt dissolves. Pack the seedpods into warm sterilized jars and pour over hot vinegar mixture to the top and put on lids.