Fleur Sullivan's Nasturtium Wraps

We all know that you can eat a nasturtium but do we do it enough? This is a fun thing which if you try it, might remind you to eat them more often. Nasturtiums (a native of Peru) grow prolifically in many NZ gardens. Its fun to use the large tender leaves as a wrap for your favourite fillings.


Young, tender nasturtium leaves and flowers
Filling ingredients of your choice (see below)


Chop finely nasturtium flowers (stamen and pistil removed as they taste better without)
Chop finely extra nasturtium leaves
Chop finely nuts, raisins, chives, garlic, tuna or savoury fish and mix with cream cheese or cottage cheese.

Spread filling on your nasturtium leaf, roll and secure with toothpicks.
Garnish with a nasturtium flower

You can also use your favourite combination of filling ingredients stuffed into a nasturtium flower or between two slices of brown bread.

You can also do this with young grapevine leaves