The Dunsandel Store's Passion Fruit Ice Cream

Passion Fruit is a hallmark of summer, and a favourite at the Dunsandel Store.


2 egg yolks

50g sugar

125 ml water

300 ml cream, lightly whipped

1/2 cup passion fruit pulp


Whisk the egg yolks until they are light and fluffy. Boil the sugar and water into a sugar syrup - let it get to what is known as the thread stage - that is, when a metal spoon is dipped in and out of the syrup a think thread will follow. Pour the syrup in a slow steady stream into the egg ylks, whilst whisking contantly. The mixture should look all creamy and mousse-like. folk in the cream and passion fruit, transfer to a container and freeze. There is no need to stir this ice cream while it is freezing.