Ben Bayly's Raspberry & white chocolate souffle


Soufflé base ingredients
500g raspberries
75g sugar
25g corn flour
50g water

Mould ingredients
50g butter
50g sugar

Soufflé mix ingredients

150g soufflé base
100g egg white
40g sugar
40g white chocolate chopped


Base - method

Place the raspberries and sugar in a sauce pan and bring up to the simmer (you can use frozen raspberries for this they are cheaper! But not as nice as fresh).
Mix the corn flour with the water, and pour into the hot raspberries to thicken.
Leave to cool. This makes 4 batches of 4 or 16 soufflés which you can keep in the fridge for a week.

Mould - method

Grease 4 souffle moulds with softened butter using a pastry brush. Leave to set in the fridge then “re paint” with the butter again creating a nice thick layer-be generous with the butter you don’t want the soufflé to stick! Pour the sugar in to the buttered mould and roll the sugar around to coat all of the butter. As the soufflé cooks the sugar will melt and combine with the butter to create a protective layer between the soufflé mould and the soufflé mix. If you don’t have soufflé moulds you can use some small flat white coffee mugs…

Souffle mix - method

Have 2 bowls, place the eggs whites in one bowl with 5g sugar. Start to Wisk (you can use a kitchen aid if you want or do it by hand) keep whisking and slowly add the rest of the sugar, whisk until you have soft peaks. In the other bowl put the soufflé base, give it a good mix to soften it a little and then add 1/3 of the whites & mix. Then carefully add the rest of the whites and fold into the base…

Now spoon into your greased moulds and bake in a 180oc pre heated oven for 10min…. serve with ice cream!