Rich planting pits

Rich planting pits

  • Useful preparation for hungry plants
  • Provide essential nutrients
  • Reduce need for further feeding
  • Can be prepared in advance of planting
  • Help to ensure good harvest

Some of the plants we grow are particularly hungry and need lots of nutrients to do well – things like globe artichokes, cucumbers, zucchini. rhubarb, pumpkins and squashes. If they do grow well, these plants can reward us with a bumper crop. The best way to get such‘gross feeders ‘ off to a good start is to dig a deep underground store of rich nutrients that can lie in wait for their roots as they start to grow and seek out sustenance. A rich planting pit can be dug at the time of when you are planting your seedlings or dug in advance and marked with a bamboo cane until you are ready to plant into it.

Ensure maximum plant growth by making a rich planting pit

Equipment: Prepared planting area/nutrients – compost, seaweed, pea straw, well-rotted manure, shovel or spade.

1. Dig a wide hole that is about two spade or shovel blades deep

2. Add nutrient rich materials – rotted compost

3. Seaweed

4. Pea straw

5. Mix nutrients well at bottom of hole

6. Back fill with garden soil over planting pit

7. Plant seedling in topsoil above planting pit

8. All being well, the results should be a good crop.