Richard Priest's Roasted Artichokes

Something to do whilst you are waiting for the Sunday night roast chicken or pork roast to cook… When you roast it like this, globe artichoke has a weird cooling flavor – a bit like spearmint chewing gum. Its really simple and delicious.


Serves 4

Tip: Use secateurs to harvest globe artichokes. They should be tight like a clenched fist and any size from a golf ball to a tennis ball. Cut stems about a finger width beneath the head itself.

Four fist-sized globe artichoke heads – use more if they are smaller
Ideally a roasting chicken or pork roast already in the oven


Soak artichoke heads in water for a few minutes to flush out any lodgers

Cut each head in half from top to bottom

Use a spoon to scoop out any of the fine hairy ‘choke’ that is in the center of the heads at the base of all the leaves. (Shouldn’t need to bother on small heads)

Pat heads dry on kitchen roll

About half an hour before your roast is ready, place the heads cut side down in the roasting juices

If you have to, move a few potatoes to do this then just pop them onto a separate tray. You want your artichoke heads fully nuzzled up around the roast and in good contact with the hot roasting dish

When the roast is ready the artichokes should be perfectly cooked and slightly caramelized on the underside. Serve them alongside your roast potatoes and other vegetables.