Simon Miller's Roasted Beetroot

You can grow beetroot all year round where we live but this is definitely a winter favourite. You could allow beetroot to cool once its done and chuck together with some rocket and feta for a gutsy spring salad.


Serves four

Beetroot - medium sized, many as you want

A fresh lemon or two

Salt (rough rock/ sea salt is nice with this


Pre heat oven to 180 C - 220 C (depending on your oven. Standard roasting temperature basically)
Clean worst of garden off beetroots. Leave roots in tact, trim leaves to short stalks – if they are in good shape you can steam them like spinach.
 Roast beetroots in an open roasting dish for about an hour (may take 1.5 hours) - give them a squeeze, you'll know when they're done. You can chuck a few sprigs of thyme in amongst the roots half way through the roasting time.
Remove roasting dish from oven when beetroots can easily be pierced by a sharp knife.
Somehow scrape off outer skin without burning your fingers - tea towels, oven gloves - asbestos fingers are useful.
Chop beetroots a bit
Squeeze lemon over
Scatter salt over
Eat - yum