Beki Lamb's Seared Snapper with Whitebean Puree, Fresh Peas and Broadbeans and Bacon lardons

A delicious medley of fish and fresh greens.


6 fillets snapper (or white fish – Terakihi, Gurnard)
300 g whitebeans (cannellini) soaked in water overnight
1 whole bulb of garlic
sprig thyme
1 c cream
1kg fresh peas
1kg fresh broadbeans
500g slab pancetta (or stready bacon), diced
100g Basil
1 Tbsp chives, parsley, chervil chopped
2 Tbsps butter
¼ cup olive oil


Drain whitebeans and cook in plenty of water with the whole garlic and sprig of thyme. Cook until tender, drain & discard garlic and thume. Blend whitebeans and cream to make a smooth puree, season.
Pod the broadbeans and peas and blanch in salted boiling water, peel the broadbeans.
Pursee the basil with the olive oil and season.
Cook the bacon lardoons in a little oil until browned and crispy.
Pan sear the fish fillets until lightly cooked, adding the butter towards the end, sprinkle over the remaining herbs, season.
Place some whitebean puree on the plates, toss the peas and beans with some basil oil and place on top of puree. Place fish fillets next and sprinkle over lardoons, serve with lemon wedges and remaining basil oil.