Recipes for Spring

Jean Paul Knight's

Scallops with Asparagus and Avocado Salsa

I wasn’t big on scallops until I started cooking them and realized how quick and easy they are to prepare – they have got to be eaten fresh though! This recipe goes with a spicy avocado salsa that is basically an un-mashed guacamole – and everyone loves that don’t they! TIP: Asparagus should be eaten as fresh as possible – once it is picked the sugars it contains start to convert to starch and the fresh sweet flavor deteriorates. No better reason then to grow your own.

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Richard Priest's

Broad Bean tapas

I love this simple recipe because it reminds me of the back street tapas bars around the centre of Barcelona where I first tasted it. Tip: Pick broad beans when the pods are about a full hand’s length. The beans inside should be about the size of your thumbnail or just bigger.

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